In many cases, fireproofing systems will include the need to fireproof steel connections. Speedpanel systems can be effectively connected to various types of structural steel, establishing a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) for both the wall and the steel. In this article, we’ll explore Speedpanel and how it is best installed with steel connections. To begin, it’s important to gain an understanding of what Speedpanel is and how it works most effectively.

What is Speedpanel?

Speedpanel is an Australian made fireproofing panel used in passive fireproofing and acoustic systems. The product is popular because it is easy to install, and boasts a lightweight composition and superior fireproofing performance. While its click-together installation style makes it quicker to install, Speedpanel can be aesthetically pleasing, having a wide range of powder coated colour options that can remove the need to clad or paint over it with another material.

Installation Consideration 

Speedpanel systems can be connected to several different types of structural steel. However, it is important that any structural elements that support the Speedpanel® system achieve the same FRL. Meaning that when installing Speedpanel and using the primary structure of the building to support the Speedpanel system, you will have to protect all directly or indirectly connected elements. If, for example, you connect the Speedpanel top track to a beam, the beam and the columns supporting that beam will need to achieve the required FRL. Any other elements (roof purlins, wall girts or bracing) that might be attached to those beams or columns will also require a coat-back which is typically 300mm.

There are two methods used to protect the steel supporting the Speedpanel:

  • Using Promat P250 or P100 board
  • Using Cafco300 and Fendolite MII Vermiculite Fire Spray

Next, we’ll look at the benefits of using Speedpanel to protect steel –

Benefits of Speedpanel

Structurally Superior

Speedpanel systems require significantly less structural support than other non-load-bearing wall systems, meaning they can be built in a single continuous wall to essentially unlimited heights with primary steel support. Speedpanel systems are also available in different thicknesses, each of which achieves varying FRLs to meet the requirements of developers and building owners.

Speed and Strength

Speedpanel features a patented ‘click together’ tongue and groove technology, which facilitates rapid installation to help keep projects on schedule. As one of the strongest lightweight building products available, it can be used both internally or as external cladding to create fireproof boundary walls. Speedpanel can also be cut to size prior to delivery so installation can commence as soon as materials arrive.

Shafts and Risers

Speedpanel systems provide complete solutions for shafts and risers, protecting voids created by lifts and utility shafts. Speedpanel walls can be assembled from the outside on each floor, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding. They also have the ability to be fully pressurised which is sought after on most buildings. As it can be assembled to unlimited heights, it has become the industry standard for high-rise constructions.

Sustainable Fabrication

Speedpanel is 100% recyclable and fabricated from 29.5% recycled materials. It also possesses the unique capacity to be dismantled and reinstalled. This awards it the rare reputation of being a genuinely sustainable material in the construction sector.

Why choose PROFINISH for your Speedpanel installation?  

Installing Speedpanel can be a complicated job. It is always recommended that you make use of a professional passive fireproofing professional to complete the job. PROFINISH has years of experience installing Speedpanel and several other fireproofing system materials, as well as a direct relationship with the Speedpanel business team. Here are the most noteworthy benefits of bringing PROFINISH onto a project –

Pre site Inspections

One of the key benefits of using PROFINISH to install the fireproofing on your project is that our team will perform a pre-site inspection to ascertain what the most effective solution will be. This means we choose the right solution the first time and if there are any concerns with design, we’ll help develop this in the early stages of the build to ensure when construction starts, there is a system ready to go that is fully compliant and buildable.

Experience with Speedpanel 

Our team has a wealth of knowledge about Speedpanel installation, from recommending and installing the correct system, as well as what types of holes can be cut through Speedpanel, the correct spacing between penetrations, the correct spacing for fixings, sealant requirements and weatherproofing. In many cases, we’ve seen holes cut into the structural tracks of Speedpanel, which weakens the strength of the wall. An inspector or engineer will deem this installation unsafe, and it will need to be redone down the line.

We are also able to install Speedpanel both horizontally and vertically based on a builder’s requirements. Being knowledgeable and flexible allows us to meet your exact specifications.

Total installation 

Unlike most other fireproofing companies, PROFINISH is able to treat an entire system from start to finish. Our expertise means we can take on every aspect of a fireproofing project, including steel protection, penetrations and fire doors.

We are also able to sign off on the whole wall system. Because we have the experience, builders who employ PROFINISH enjoy the benefit of having to deal with only one contractor who can install the entire system and supply all required certifications.


One of the biggest advantages of using PROFINISH to install your fireproofing is how crucial pre-planning is. When it comes to fireproofing things like steel, which can be incredibly large-scale, preplanning allows us to solve issues that many only experience when they’re on site. A noteworthy example of this is how, because of pre-plan implementation, we’re able to preload the lift to ensure that every level of the building has the sufficient amount of material required to complete the job. In many cases, this means buildings of up to 50 levels are preloaded with the material they need, saving a significant amount of time.

Direct Relationship with Speedpanel 

Our relationship with the Speedpanel and Promat businesses means we have access to their teams, and are able to bring them onto a site at all three phases of the installation (Design, Build and Documentation) if needed. Both teams work with us to recommend the best fireproofing solution for your project. This means you get the expertise of both the manufacturer and the installer applied to your project.

Fireproofing with professionals 

There are many intricacies involved with installing Speedpanel to steel. By seeking the advice of a professional fireproofing team, you can rest assured that every aspect of the project will be taken care of – from installation to certification.

PROFINISH has a wealth of experience working with Speedpanel and a long relationship with the manufacturer. We work with builders to meet and exceed the fireproofing requirements on their projects. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can apply our expertise to your next project.