Our Team

Welcome to the PROFINISH Fire Protection team, where our experts are dedicated to providing top-notch passive fire protection solutions for ultimate safety and peace of mind.

Our Team

Justin Bliss


Jye Bohm


Russell Whiteford

General Manager

Jayden Symes

Sales and Estimating Manager

Lizzie Dodd

Passive Fire Consultant

Maddie Bliss

Coatings Consultant

Caitlin Clarke

Passive Fire Consultant

Ipyana Killimbe

Passive Fire Consultant

James Whelan

Construction Manager

Jono Conway-Stewart

Project Manager

Kane Sewell

Project Manager

Lachlan Horan

Project Manager Penetration

Jamie Reilly

Spray Project Supervisor for Victoria

Veni Uhila

Spray Project Supervisor for NSW

Hayes Andrew

Logistics Manager

Susannah Albones

People and Culture Manager

Kirbi Lee

HR Coordinator

Kay Kumar

Finance Manager

Aimee Barnett

Payroll Manager

Violet Visnjovski

Accounts Receivable Officer

Suz White

Customer Relations Coordinator

Maddie Mase

Customer Relations Officer

Stephanie Rendell

Customer Relations Officer Coatings