Fire Stopping Penetrations

Experience Reliable Fire Stopping Penetrations Solutions with PROFINISH Fire Protection.

Download our Pre-Construction Register Excel Template

Discover the power of proactive fire protection planning with our Pre-Construction Register Template. This comprehensive tool streamlines your project’s fire stopping penetrations management, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and peace of mind from the very start.

Take Control of Fire Safety With PROFINISH Fire Protection

By carefully considering fire stopping penetrations at each stage of the project, from design to build and documentation, stakeholders can ensure that fire safety requirements are met and that the building is adequately protected against the risks of fire. Effective collaboration, adherence to design specifications, and proper documentation are key factors in achieving compliance and enhancing the overall fire safety of the building.
Choose Your Fire Penetration Solution

Option 1

Management & Documentation Solution

Management and certification of all passive fire penetrations throughout your project including a pre-construction register to mark all service trades’ penetrations and a documented register with test reports for the products to be installed.

We work closely with the registered building surveyor (RBS) to gain acceptance and approval of the Building Permit. A central register is created, allowing for visibility of live progress and coordination of services trades. Full certification is provided.

Option 2

Risk-Free, Full Passive Fire Solution

In addition to the services provided in the Management and Documentation Solution, this offer includes complete fire protection for all penetrations by PROFINISH. It guarantees that all penetrations will be protected correctly the first time, assuming full responsibility and risk. PROFINISH provides full certification and warranty for the fire rating of the penetrations.

Certain exclusions apply, such as cast-in collars, lights, power points, caulking walls, ceilings, joins, and doors.

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