Spirit of Tasmania Terminal

We worked with Kane Constructions and GeelongPort to design a passive fire protection solution for the Spirit of Tasmania passenger terminal.

Project Details


  • Fire Retardant Board
  • Fire Stopping Penetrations
  • Vermiculite Fire Spray


Logistics & Transport


Kane Constructions & GeelongPort

The Project

The relocation of the Spirit of Tasmania’s mainland embarkation point to Geelong formed part of a major terminal redevelopment. A 12-hectare facility has been built to accommodate a new influx of traffic and passengers.

PROFINISH Fire Protection partnered with KANE Constructions to design and implement a passive fire solution for the passenger ferry terminal building including fire retardant board, fire spray and fire-stopping penetrations.

The Problem

KANE constructions had an extremely tight and non-negotiable deadline because the Spirit of Tasmania needed to be relocated to its new Geelong home by the agreed date, especially as its dock lease was to end at its previous Port Melbourne home. The build was a ‘design and construct’ which meant it had a lot of moving parts, requiring a team that was able to solve problems as they arose during the build.

At the time, building material availability was an issue. This was especially challenging given the short time frame of the project, so substitutes and alternatives of equal quality needed to be sourced rapidly. KANE also needed a team that could easily attend the site in Geelong at short notice to fix or rectify any issues quickly, so needed to employ a local team that could deliver on such a significant project.

The Solution

As a Geelong-based passive fire specialist with a national reputation and strong supplier relationships, we were able to deliver the necessary materials and labour to ensure the project met its tight deadline. Because problems had to be rectified quickly and on the spot, KANE could be confident in the PROFINISH expertise on-site and through our supporting offsite team to complete the passive fire systems, treatments and required documentation.

The passenger terminal fire works included:

  • 90-minute passive fire protection to steel columns, beams, and heat transfer to steel connections using PROMATECT®-250 Board and CAFCO® 300 Vermiculite Fire Spray.
  • Fire-stopping penetrations.

Special consideration was taken into account for:

  • Heat Transfer spray for wall bracing.

Concept image credits: GeelongPort

Services used in this project

Fire Retardant Board

Fire Stopping Penetrations

Vermiculite Fire Spray