FIREPROOF #5 – Navigating Challenges and Solutions in Passive Fire Protection

In Episode 5 of the “FIREPROOF” podcast, presented by PROFINISH, host Russell Whiteford, General Manager and Partner at PROFINISH Fire Protection, engages in an insightful discussion with Jono Conway Stewart, a seasoned professional in the field. This episode delves deep into the practical aspects of fireproofing in construction, emphasizing the critical role of passive fire protection. They explore common challenges encountered on-site, particularly the integration of fireproofing measures like vermiculite and duct wrapping in busy construction environments. Jono shares his journey from a trades background to a project manager, shedding light on the importance of early fire protection planning and its impact on overall project efficiency.

The duo discusses the nuances of working with other trades, the necessity of maintaining clear communication, and the implications of variations and planning oversights on project timelines and costs. This episode is full of valuable insights for builders, project managers, and anyone involved in the construction industry, highlighting the need for early engagement of fireproofing experts to ensure safety, compliance, and optimal project outcomes.