FIREPROOF #3 – In-Depth Insights on Fire Stopping: Tips from a Project Manager

In this episode of “Fireproof: The Passive Fire Podcast,” join host Russell as he delves into the world of fire stopping with special guest Ryan Palmer, Fire Stopping Project Manager at PROFINISH Fire Protection.

Drawing on his extensive experience as both an installer and a project manager, Ryan shares invaluable insights into the common onsite issues faced by builders and offers practical advice for tackling them head-on.

Whether you’re in the design phase, the build phase, or seeking assistance with documentation for building occupancy, Russell and Ryan have you covered. From understanding the importance of passive fire protection to navigating the complexities of major construction projects, this episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in the construction industry.

Tune in as Russell and Ryan unravel the intricacies of fire stopping, shedding light on effective strategies and best practices. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation that guarantees to ignite your passion for fire safety and equip you with the knowledge necessary to ensure a fireproof future.