FIREPROOF #2 – Unveiling the Power of Intumescent Paints: Your Key to Building Fire Safety

In this episode of “Fireproof: The Passive Fire Podcast,” host Russell sits down with Justin, the Director and founder of PROFINISH Fire Protection, to delve into the world of intumescent paints and passive fire protection.

With 30 years of experience in the industrial coatings sector, Justin shares invaluable insights on this critical aspect of fire safety.

Join Russell and Justin as they explore the various types of intumescent paints and their applications, discussing the importance of choosing the right coating for different materials like structural steel and timber. Justin also sheds light on the journey that led to the establishment of PROFINISH Fire Protection, driven by the increasing demand for intumescent coatings.

The conversation focuses on common issues encountered during the design and specification of intumescent paints in construction projects. Justin emphasises the significance of proper training and education for architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure effective fire protection measures. Together, they offer valuable insights and solutions to overcome these challenges.