Considering that fire safety is such a significant part of every construction project, it is quite common to see fire protection budgets being misspent, as well as avoidable, and costly, fire safety issues creeping onto projects. To assist in overcoming these types of problems, this article outlines the best approach to cost-effective fire protection and how to ensure that your budget is well spent, while meeting the desired safety and compliance requirements.

Knowledge and expertise 

Fireproofing is a complex and intricate skill that requires experience and a great deal of knowledge, especially considering no two projects are the same. The most effective way to optimise a fire protection budget is to seek the assistance of professional fireproofing experts as early into the project as possible. When an expert is brought in at the design phase of a project, they are able to specify exactly which fire protection products are required for that project, as well as the exact amount. This results in a significantly more effective allocation of budget up front, as well as no surprise costs along the way and a more streamlined project timeline.

In addition, the knowledge and streamlined processes of an expert team make site work run smoothly, reducing disruptions to other tasks and pushing the project forward faster. As you’ll see below, when professionals handle a job, the chances of redoing work because of mistakes drop significantly, saving money and making the project more efficient overall.

Broader project scope 

One of the most advantageous aspects of enlisting a professional fireproofing team is their ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the project’s fireproofing needs. They can design an efficient fireproofing system tailored to your requirements while staying within budget constraints. Their meticulous documentation of decisions made throughout a project minimises potential issues and contributes to overall cost savings.

Paying higher rates 

In some cases, project managers try and cut costs by procuring fireproofing materials themselves. The problem is that they will pay higher rates than if they were to collaborate with established fireproofing companies like PROFINISH, who have access to preferential supplier rates and assistance on product-related inquiries, because of their size and scale. The scale and industry-centred relationships of larger fireproofing companies translate to cost advantages and timely support for project managers, optimising their spending, while maintaining quality standards.

Specialised skills

When it comes to tasks such as fire-stopping penetrations, entrusting experts is imperative for maximising a fire protection budget. This kind of specialised undertaking demands precision and expertise to ensure proper installation. Mishandling by non-professionals not only risks costly rework but also jeopardises the certification and occupancy permit assurance, which could lead to significant delays and financial setbacks. By engaging expert installers, the correct installation of fire stopping penetrations is guaranteed, mitigating potential complications in the future, while safeguarding current project timelines and budget spending.

Optimal scheduling 

Worksite delays are one of the most significant areas of budget wastage. When it comes to fireproofing, it is essential to ensure that all steel and penetration protection is properly scheduled. Since steelwork is most often structural, the fireproofing process needs to take place either off-site before construction begins, or on-site, among the various other tasks taking place around the structure. By seeking the guidance of a professional fireproofing team, one is able to plan and schedule the optimal time for the steel to be protected, without affecting the workflow of the entire project. Mitigating the potential for worksite delays like these results in more cost-effective use of a fire protection budget.

Incorrect use of products 

Another costly mistake that many projects encounter is the use of incorrect fireproofing products or materials. Apart from the direct expense of these incorrect materials, the time and labour invested in installing them can significantly inflate costs as well. Seeking guidance from professionals ensures that the right products are chosen from the outset, allowing for accurate budget allocation before the project begins. The risk of rework due to incorrect materials being used is also drastically reduced, translating to long-term cost-effectiveness and more efficient time management.

Efficient fire protection

Prioritising cost-effective fire protection measures is key to optimising budget expenditure. Collaborating with professional fireproofing teams not only streamlines the design and installation process but also minimises the risk of costly errors and delays. By leveraging their expertise and industry relationships, projects can achieve optimal fire safety standards while maximising financial efficiency.

PROFINISH is a leading provider of comprehensive fireproofing solutions, offering years of expertise and industry experience. With our commitment to cost-effective fire protection and our dedication to client satisfaction, more construction companies trust us to partner with them to safeguard construction projects while optimising their budgetary allocations. Get in touch with a member of the PROFINISH team today.